Delve in to the moving true story of Sarah. A child who doctors said wouldn’t survive the night, told through the eyes of her mother, Karen.   Set in Lancashire, England, the story begins with life in a small Lancashire village and how the dream of a happy life came to an end when circumstances forced an entirely different path to a road less travelled.


Single parent Karen believed that her daughter deserved the chance of happy, and as far as possible, pain free life. Against all odds, Sarah lived fully beyond all expectations, not just in terms of the length of her life but also the quality. No matter what obstacles were thrown in their way, they overcame them. Despite the many dreadful situations they found themselves in, humour and laughter were never far away. Karen battled against the medical profession for over two decades to get the best possible treatment but hit brick walls at every turn.


To say that Karen’s life is inspiring is an understatement. To say she perseveres against authority would be underplaying the significance of what she has achieved. Her story is guaranteed to play on your emotions, make you outraged at the extremes some of the medical team went to in order to get their way.  



Published by NOVUM Publishing 2017



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The clinical negligence firm used was...


JMW Solicitors


I highly reccommend them, these people were amazing,  especially Sally and Mary our solicitor and Barriser.

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Childrens funny poem based on characters living in Lancashire

The Rishton Rabbits

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Childrens funny poem based on characters living in Lancashire

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The Hyndburn Hound book is also available on Amazon and Kindle

The Rishton Rabbits book is also available on Amazon and Kindle

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5.0 out of 5 starsInspiring must read

6 December 2017

Format: PaperbackVerified Purchase

In the beginning we learn about Karen and her personality. Stands her ground in different situations and doesn't tolerate time wasters, play a trick on her and either it fails or she deals with it. A girl with attitude and determination that will help with the ordeals she has to come

Right from her pregnancy with Sarah her battle begins for the survival of her child, she stands up to Doctor Posthelwaite who becomes a thorn in her side professing what is best for Sarah even though at times he is wrong and never admits to it. Karen resorts to absorbing medical information and continues to fight for Sarah having many battles over her treatment and well being.

We all put our faith and trust in all Staff at hospitals to give our loved ones the best possible treatment and care after all we expect them to be trained to the highest levels. This true story is a revelation of neglect and substandard treatment that is unacceptable. Sarah is lucky to have such a devoted mother who stands up to medical professionals when they get it wrong.




5.0 out of 5 starsThis is a really easy funny read that addresses a heart wrenching subject in ...

17 October 2017

Format: Paperback

This is a really easy funny read that addresses a heart wrenching subject in a fascinating way. Together with the author we share the highs and lows in a fast paced pulsating tour de force. Not one page is dull, hardly one word is without moment or consequence. Here we see a mother in a desperate battle with the medical establishment who have purposes quite apart from doing their best for their patient. Here is a women who refuses to accept smokescreens and excuses and who has a single minded determination to get to the bottom of things. It is a titanic struggle and no mistake and one makes you part of it from start to finish.